3 main things that will keep your pool clear

3 main things that will keep your pool clear

There are 3 main things that will keep your pool clear. All the chemicals out there will not do a thing for you unless you have these three things first!

Water Flow

Your pool must have a free flowing water circulation at all times. A pool pump sucks water from the pool vessel and then pushes it through the filter. After that the water is chlorinated and the returned to the pool. Without this, nothing else matters. If your water level is too low, or your skimmers are plugged with leaves and debris, or your filter is clogged up impeding flow, you will never have a clear pool. Sometimes you may have a clogged impeller on the pump that is the culprit. Even if everything is clear, yet you have the pump timer set for only two hours a day run time, you will not get enough chlorine and filtration to keep your pool clear. Always remember that your water is being disinfected with chlorine only when the pump is moving water.


This one is closely related to the above item. The pool filter’s job is to keep any debris in the filter and returning clean water back to the pool. Even if your water chemistry is perfect, if your filter is clogged or coated with algae, you will still have problems. Filter pressure as indicated on the gauge is not always a reliable indicator of a clogged filter. Many times I have seen a low pressure reading while the filter was totally clogged up. Pressure gauges on the filters are notoriously unreliable after a while. It’s best to keep a regular schedule on filter cleanings and disregard the gauge readings.


After your water passes through the filter and is clean of particulates such as dirt, it needs to be chlorinated to kill off any dangerous microorganisms. This can be done in several ways. The most common is to use an automatic chlorinator such as a Pentair Rainbow 320 tablet feeder. It works by circulating some of the return water around the 3″ chlorinating tablets. They slowly dissolve and add chlorine to the water at a controlled rate. They are pretty simple and foolproof with no moving parts and are very simple to install by the average pool owner.  Another common method of chlorination is to use a salt water cell that produces it’s own chlorine via  electrolysis as the saltwater flows through it. The hardest and low tech method is manually adding liquid chlorine directly to your pool. This does work well, but you have to test your water and keep a very rigid and strict schedule or you will get into trouble. Most people fail at this method after a while.

That’s it!

If you keep the 3 main things that will keep your pool clear and functioning properly you will always keep a clear pool. There are other variables of course such as PH and Phosphates etc., but these 3 main things are first and foremost and are the cornerstones of a clear pool.


3 main things that will keep your pool clear

2 thoughts on “3 main things that will keep your pool clear

  • May 5, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    Very good info. I don’t know how many times I have been to a pool store and stood in amazement at all of the worthless chemicals they push. Thanks for the article Bud!

  • May 5, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    Thanks Lisa! Like I said in the post, these are the three cornerstones for a clear pool. Other chemicals may be necessary from time to time, but nothing will do any good if you don’t have these three things first.

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