About me

My name is Bud Brinkley and I live near Houston, Texas.

I have been in the pool service business for years and I currently run a pool route full of happy customers. I have seen everything from a sunken Harley Davidson motorcycle in pools to wild hogs tearing up shrubs and kicking mud and plants into the pool. Every day is something new it seems.

My customers are all long time customers and all have become good friends with me and my family along the way. I strive to treat my customers as family and I enjoy seeing their children and pets grow up over the years.

My purpose for this blog is to help out the average pool owner who has questions about their pool or equipment. Many folks would rather take care of their own pool or do their own repairs yet they do not know where to start. By reading my articles and posts, you can make many of the repairs yourself and learn how to properly care for your pool and save a lot of money! I do recommend certain products from Amazon and other retailers occasionally. I am an affiliate and I make a small commission on any purchases. This helps offset my considerable website expenses.

Most of all I love helping people with their pools and I especially like to hear from people I have helped through my website.

I am a devout Christian and I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me with a wonderful career and business that I love and enjoy.


If I can be of any service to you please do not hesitate to drop me a note and I will do my absolute best to help.