Product Manuals

Here are some free PDF owner’s and service manuals for some of the more common pool equipment installations;

Jandy Aqualink

  1. Aqualink Power Center Manual
  2. Aqualink Troubleshooting Manual
  3. Aqualink RS All Button Owner’s Manual
  4. Aqualink RS Owner’s Manual
  5. Aqualink RS Installation Manual
  6. Aqualink RS PDA Handheld Remote Manual

I Aqualink

  1. I Aqualink 1.0 Owner’s Manual
  2. I Aqualink 2.0 Owner’s Manual

Jandy AquaPure EI Series Salt Cell

  1. AquaPure EI Series Owner’s Manual

Hayward AquaLogic

  1. AquaLogic AQL Owner’s Manual
  2. AquaLogic AQL Installation Manual

Hayward AquaRite

  1. AquaRite AQR Owner’s Manual
  2. AquaRite AQR Installation Manual


  1. EasyTouch Quick Reference Guide
  2. EasyTouch Remote Owner’s Manual
  3. Intellichor Owner’s Manual
  4. Intelliflow VF Owner’s Manual

Polaris Pool Cleaner

  1. Polaris PB460 Booster Pump Manual
  2. Polaris 280 Cleaner Owner’s Manual
  3. Polaris 360 Cleaner Owner’s Manual
  4. Polaris 3900 Cleaner Owner’s Manual


  1. Hayward H-Series Low NOx Heater Installation Manual
  2. Hayward H-Series Low NOx Heater Owner’s Manual
  3. Jandy JXI Series Heater Owner’s Manual
  4. Jandy LXI Series Heater Owner’s Manual
  5. Jandy HiE2 Series Heater Owner’s Manual
  6. Jandy Legacy Series Heater Owner’s Manual
  7. Jandy MiniMax Series Owner’s Manual

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