How To Hire a Swimming Pool Service Technician

How To Hire a Swimming Pool Service Technician

Need to know how hire a swimming pool service technician? Here are some guidelines to look for as you select your “Pool Guy or Girl’.

It never hurts to try out a new guy, but…

A good pool technician will have at least some experience in their  field. Taking charge of a customer’s expensive pool is actually a significant responsibility and any pool technician should have some experience before trying to make a living from it. Right?  The thing about maintaining pools is that there is a fair amount of thinking involved such as water chemistry, fluid hydraulics, electrical knowledge etc.  A good technician needs to have a solid grasp of these concepts before they can go “Pro”. Many techs take classes and are certified by various pool professional associations. This is always good, but it is not required, and there are many excellent pool techs working who are not certified. That’s a personal choice in many states.

It’s always a good idea to ask for a reference or two from a prospective pool technician. Yes they could theoretically give you some fake reference, but 99% of folks are honest and a good pool tech will always have a list of references available.

Must be Insured.

This is stating the obvious, but a pool tech should have some form of liability insurance. If a pool tech were to leave the water hose on and ended up flooding a customer’s home, a liability policy protects both you and the tech. Perhaps a more subtle reason to insist on insurance is that it tells you that the pool tech is a legitimate businessperson who cares about their customers and their business reputation. Think about that…

Minimum Pool Cleaning Visit Checklist

A pool tech will have his own way of servicing a pool ( I certainly do) that keeps them in a routine that helps them from forgetting certain tasks. I clean many pools a week, and they are all different with their particular quirks. By keeping a specific service routine, I know that I have not forgotten something – for example, turn a valve back to suction or clean a skimmer basket. With that in mind here is a minimum checklist of tasks that you need to agree upon when you hire a swimming pool service technician.

  1. Clean pool skimmer baskets
  2. Brush pool steps, walls, waterline, spa, etc.
  3. skim water surfaces of floating leaves and debris
  4. Vacuum pool and spa bottom if necessary
  5. Perform water chemistry check – at the very least PH, CL, and salt if a saltwater pool.
  6. Add any necessary chemicals to the pool water in the proper amounts.
  7. Backwash filters if applicable, and inspect pumps, valves, etc. for abnormalities.
  8. The pool tech should always leave the area cleaner than he found it including making sure that gates are closed and pets are contained.

Some Homeowner Responsibilities;

Even after you have hired a pool technician, you as the pool owner still have certain responsibilities if you expect to get the best service.

  1. Keep your water level up. No pool technician has the time to wait around a pool for an hour so that the water level is high enough to circulate freely.
  2. Keep your skimmer baskets as empty as possible. If your yard has a lot of falling leaves or debris that gets into the pool between weekly service visits take a moment to periodically clean your skimmers. This goes a very long way to keeping a clear and clean pool by keeping a free flowing water circulation.
  3. Don’t talk the tech to death. Yes we all like to visit and chat which is fun, but let your pool tech do his job and get on to other pools. It’s how we make a profit!
  4. Keep your yard gates unlocked or provide a key to the tech.
  5. Never add any chemicals to the water yourself unless you consult with your pool tech first.
  6. If you are planning a big party with heavy pool use, please let your tech know in advance so that they can better prepare the water for the heavy bather load.

Now you have a better idea of how to hire a swimming pool technician!

Having a pool guy or gal can be a real work saver and trusted professional is a valuable person to keep around. I hope these tips will help you hire a swimming pool technician that meets your expectations and both of you can develop a good working relationship over the years! – Bud

How to hire a swimming pool service technician

3 thoughts on “How To Hire a Swimming Pool Service Technician

  • May 10, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    I am having trouble keeping a pool tech. They all promise to do the things that you talk about, but never come back after a few weeks. Why am I doing wrong?

  • May 11, 2016 at 6:01 am

    Clarissa perhaps you are hiring the wrong types. The best answer that I can give you is to hire perhaps an established company in your area. Ask around for pool cleaning companies at your local pool store if you have one. Another thing is to ask your neighbors who they use. Getting a referral from someone is one of the best ways to hire a quality contractor. Hope this helps!

  • April 5, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    Great read! Having a pool cleaner you trust is very important. After all, you invested a lot of your hard earned money on your pool so it’s good to know it’s in good hands. I normally like to see how the pool cleaner works at first and talk to him just to see if he’s really trying to keep my pool clean or just sell me more services I don’t need.

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