How to keep your spa from draining overnight.

 How to keep your spa from draining overnight you ask?

If you are wondering how to keep your spa from draining overnight when the filter pump shuts off, this is a simple ten minute fix.

Check Your Check Valve

Glued into your PVC pipes next to the pumps and filter is a device that usually look like this. Some look a little different, but they all usually have a removable clear lid that either comes apart with a screw driver or just unscrews itself. This is your check valve.

The purpose of a check valve is to allow the water to flow only one way in the pipe and not flow backwards. What usually happens is that a small piece of trash or debris gets trapped inside not letting the spring loaded flap seat properly around the rubber seal, thus letting the water drain backwards in the pipe when the pump is off.

If your spa is elevated somewhat above the pool then the water wants to drain backwards through this valve and back into the pool itself, thus emptying your spa each night. This is a really easy fix usually and you just have to open it up and clean it out. As you take it apart take careful note of the orientation of the flap in the valve assembly.

how to keep your spa from draining overnight Here you can see the lid removed and the spring loaded flap that has a small rubber seal around it. Don’t be alarmed if water comes gushing out when you remove the lid as this is normal. Just work quickly and not much water will be lost. Wash the flap in the gushing water and clear out any debris from inside the pipe or around the flap itself.

If the seal is split or damaged then you need to replace it with a new one. Here is where you can get one like this… Jandy Check Valve

When clean, just reassemble everything the same way it came apart and turn on your pump. Check for good flow to make sure that you did not reassemble the valve backwards. That’s about all there is to that and now you have learned something new about your pool today! You’re welcome!

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