Start a Pool Service

 How to start a pool service

Yes, I wrote a book on how to start a pool service business. :)

I have been in the pool business for years and I put all of that experience in a book for your help in starting up your own pool service route. A pool service is a great way to start your own business and create a stable monthly income. This book will help you start the right way and avoid many of the pitfalls that I experienced at first.

You get the benefit of my experience

A few years ago I set out to write a book on my experiences that eventually morphed into a business manual for how to start a pool service business. I wrote the book in an Amazon E-book format as that keeps costs low and nearly everyone has bought a book through Amazon at one time or another. The book does not cover topics such as basic pool care or chemistry. You should already have a good grasp of these topics before you start a pool route anyway. You can get that information freely here on my blog if you need that first. The book covers the details of how to start up a pool service and set up your business the right way. You’ll learn how to buy pool chemicals and supplies wholesale and how to land your first customers and also how to handle your customers to keep them happy.

Get off your rear and make a move now!

The book is a short read at 22 pages in E-format, but it will be the best $10 bucks you’ll ever spend on some really helpful information from a guy who has been there and done that. I would have killed for this book when I was starting out. Take a look and get out there and start your own pool service business! Best of luck and please don’t push me out of my own pool route. OK? :)

How to start a pool service

how to start a pool service