Pentair 320 Chlorine Feeder Review

Pentair 320 Chlorine Feeder Review

The Pentair 320 Chlorine Feeder is a great way to regulate a consistent and even dose of chlorine 24/7 using solid 3″ chlorine tablets.

What does it do?

The Pentair 320 feeder works by taking a portion of the pool return water flow and circulating it around a stack of solid chlorine tablets. This slowly dissolves the tablets and then the super chlorinated water is fed back into and mixed with the pool return water flow at a specified rate. There are no moving parts while in operation which is very nice and the unit works off of the water pressure supplied by the pool filter pump.

Why do I need this?

If you are currently using the solid 3″ chlorine tablets in your skimmer baskets or perhaps a floater dispenser, you have no way to regulate your chlorine levels.

If you put the tablets directly into your pool skimmer baskets you are also asking for equipment trouble. The super chlorinated water is very harsh and destructive on pumps, o-rings, heaters, and other expensive components. The super chlorinated water from the dissolved tablets in the Pentair 320 Feeder are introduced downstream of the pool equipment ideally just before it returns to the pool.

The Pentair Rainbow 320 chlorine feeder has a very precise adjustment valve that lets you easily adjust the amount of chlorine that is fed into your pool. This is very important as different seasons of the year require different amounts of chlorine.

Another important feature is that if you are away from home, your pool is still getting the correct amount of chlorine as long as your pumps are running. This is very handy for those who travel often, or for pools at vacation homes that see weekend use only etc.

How is it installed?

The Pentair Rainbow 320 chlorine feeder is simply installed by the average homeowner who is familiar with cutting & gluing PVC piping. Basically you install the feeder by gluing it into the pool water return line. The Pentair 320 Feeder comes ready to install into a standard sized 2″ PVC pipe and it has 1 1/2″ adapters also for those who have smaller piping. You need to pay attention when gluing the feeder into your piping as the water flow must match the arrow printed on the feeder assembly in order for it to work properly.

After you have glued the feeder in place, you unscrew the top cap and drop in your feeder tablets into the top of the tube. Replace the cap, turn on your pumps and adjust the chlorine flow as desired. That’s it!

Where can I get one?

I suggest that you get the Pentair Rainbow 320 through Amazon as they have a great price and Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping. Check out the link below to see additional details and order your Pentair Rainbow 320 chlorine feeder today!

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