Pool Blaster Catfish Review

Pool Blaster Catfish Review


The Pool Blaster Catfish by Water Tech is a great little portable vacuum to have around. It is a battery powered electric vacuum that is designed to fit onto the end of your pool pole or you can just hold it in your hand. It does a fairly good job of cleaning out the debris that gets into your spa or pool. Here is a short video where I describe the vacuum;

One of the best things about this handy little vacuum is that it is very light weight and portable. I use it on my pool route all of the time as it is so much easier than lugging my big commercial vac around to clean just a few leaves here and there.

Pool Blaster Catfish


The Pool Blaster Catfish is rechargeable. It takes a few hours to recharge and lasts for an average of 45 minutes of run time. I usually use it just around 5 minutes per pool on my route so it does last all day for me on a single charge which is nice.

The vac comes with two different debris bags. One is a standard mesh and one is a fine mesh. The fine mesh bag is fantastic for picking up the sand that gets into saltwater pools due to erosion of the stone coping.  The standard mesh bag is perfect for all around use.

The unit is very small (short) so that it works well when cleaning shallow steps and tanning decks as it stays underwater.

Let’s Wrap This One Up…

This little portable vacuum is not really designed for cleaning an entire pool although it would probably work for that occasionally. It is a great tool to spot vac and for cleaning spas which can be difficult to do using normal vacuum hoses. You can keep it in your pool closet or chest and have it ready to go in an instant to spot clean your pool before the big party. Here is the Pool Blaster Catfish listed on Amazon. Try it out for yourself!



pool blaster catfish

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