A pool leaf trap will save your underground pipes!

Please get a pool leaf trap as soon as possible. It’s that important!

Pool Leaf Trap

I had a pool customer who call me the other day telling me that she thought her suction line was plugged. It seems that she was vacuuming some large leaves and debris through her vacuum hose that was attached to the skimmer. What happened is that she vacuumed up enough debris that some of it clogged her skimmer line that was buried under the ground going to the filter pump.

This can be a really bad and expensive problem. It would cost a lot of money to dig up and replace the line in addition to the disruption to the yard and landscaping. Trust me you don’t want to go there.

Fortunately I was able to blow the debris out of the line and fix the problem. All of this could have been avoided by using a leaf trap canister. Here are some models in case you don’t know what a pool leaf trap canister looks like;

I use the Pentair pool leaf trap canister on my pool route. It has held up to my abuse over the years and is very tough and durable.

To use the canister you plug it in line with your vacuum hose just before the skimmer port. It allows water and the fine debris to travel through it while it traps and hold the leaves and larger debris that could clog up your suction pipes.

Trust me on this, every pool owner who vacuums their own pool absolutely needs a pool leaf trap!

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