Dually Pool Pole

Dually Pool Pole product review

The Dually Pool Pole is the only long lasting professional model pool pole as far as I am concerned. In my pool service business I clean over 50 pools a week, year round. I use my equipment hard and over the years I have learned that quality tools pay for themselves rather quickly. A pool pole is about the most basic piece of pool equipment that you own, yet without it you can do virtually nothing to clean your pool. We are all familiar with the cheap blue anodized aluminum pool poles that are commonly sold in pool stores for around $30. They usually last one season and they break in half or jam up and you end up buying a new pole every Spring. This pole was designed for the pool service professional and it stands far and above the rest.


What is it?

A pool pole is designed to attach to various pool cleaning implements such as a net or brush or vacuum etc. The Dually Pool Pole is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and is three pieces that extend to 18 feet maximum. It has internal cam locks that allow you to just lightly twist each pole section to unlock and extend to what ever length you need. It also has auxiliary locking collars if needed. The locking mechanism is located inside the pole so that dirt and grime can jam it. It operates smoothly every time and is very easy to adjust “on the fly” as you need it. I really like the fact that the pole will reach all the way to the other side of the pool. Sometimes rock waterfalls or landscaping prohibits you from walking a round the pool and you have to clean the entire pool while standing on one side only. This pole will allow you to reach those areas while staying in one place which is a great time saver.

A short video review

Her is a short video that I made showing the details and the pole in action;

Where to get it?

The Dually Pool Pole is available on Amazon and they usually have the best prices. Once you have it in your hands you will immediately notice the quality and heft, and you will never go back to a flimsy and cheap pool pole again. Of course you won’t have to as this pole is designed to last. I have used the same pole everyday in my pool service business for years and that’s the best endorsement I know. Get one today!


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